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House Painting

Purity Painting has the highest standards of quality and service in the residential painting industry in Melbourne, focusing on professional work. We use top of the line products for all our house painting services in Melbourne. With our outstanding customer care, we take pride in being unmatched by others, and yet, being the most affordable professional company to hire for your house painting in Melbourne. Our residential house painters pride themselves on paying attention to all the small details when painting in your house.
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Interior Painting

Purity painting will look into the every aspect of interior designing of your house. we will coordinate with you and be present at every stage of planning and execution. We offer free consultations, offer recommended trades like Tiling Services, Electrical, Carpentry lighting and décor and much more in Melbourne. We will be involved in each step of your house interior improvement project. Purity Painting will ensure that your daily schedule is undisturbed. We work on one room at a time. There are no delays in the entire process of revamping your house. House  Interior painting page button

Exterior Painting

Homeowners need an exterior paint job that will give great durability, but is also cost effective. Our exterior house painting service follow this concept. It provides durable, cost effective, attractive solutions for your exterior painting needs and fits within most budgets. The material used in our service meets or exceeds manufactures' specifications. We assure you that our professional painters are trained to carry out your painting project according to time tested industry standards, and manufacturers' specifications. House exterior painting button

Welcome to Purity Painting

Purity Painting Service is a Australian house painting company offering high quality house painting services all over the Melbourne. Each house painting project is closely monitored by the owner beginning with color choice to the last stroke of a brush, and excellent result will be delivered.

Purity Painting is house painting services contractor in Melbourne Victoria. We utilize the most up-to-date tools available in order to minimize disruption to the existing environment and attain only the most desired results for house interior finishes. We proudly use high quality paint for better quality and result. Our interior decorator relationships are service oriented which enhance the process and contribute to creating long-term relationships.

House Painting can seem like a fairly simple process. But when it really comes down to it, there is a lot of potential for problems, miscommunications, and other challenges. We have heard nightmare stories from clients that have had to deal with other Melbourne City house painting contractors these days. At Purity Painting, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide customer satisfaction through our hands-on approach and proven track of record.



Purity Painting has all the necessary skills and equipments to do their work. They are very helpfull and friendly. They have excellent knowledge of colors
and painting. I recommend
them to all of my frineds.
Thank you for all the
wonderfull work.


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